Robert Downey Juniors Iron Man to be added into Super Smash Brothers 4!

Iron man

It has recently been announced that Iron Man will be added into Capcoms latest in platforming action, Super Smash Brothers 4. This is not just any old Iron man however, it’s Robert Downey Junior himself. We know this because one of his taunts has been revealed in which he takes off his helmet and it shows very clearly his face. We can tell it’s HIS face because of the unique realistic art style of this game. We can’t be sure of what his move set might be but we know those Sega developers come up with some pretty good stuff.

StarBound to include a new Pony race in next update

The new sci-fi sandbox indie game StarBound, is in beta and available on Steam right now. It has multiple playable races, and constant updates adding new content every time. New races will be added, and Ponies may be one of them.

Many have made mods to add a playable Pony into the game, and it’s highly likely that soon it will be officially implemented into the game. The lore is that you are a pony from the planet Ekuestreea, and you were ordered to trek to  into the stars to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations.

The community of StarBound has been debating over whether this is a collaboration with Hasbro, makers of the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or if it’s simply a nod from the developers over at Chucklefish. Some argue that it’s neither, and they’re simply making a pony race.

What do you think about the decision of the new race? Tell us in the comment section! See you guys later!

Assassins Creed V Officially Announced; New Mechandise Available Soon.


Assassins Creed V was officially announced today, along with new merchandise. The game will be set in the present. A first for the series. It will take place in the Special Olympics. Further detail has not been noted but we do know for sure that Nintendo is working their hardest to be sure that the new game will be phenomenal.

Nintendo CEO Gabe Newell, says that merchandise “will be released shortly.” And some include “Pillows, bed sheets, basketballs, baseball bats, and vinyl records. Just to name a few.”

Nintendo also announced a new anime series based on the game. The character has yet to be revealed, but Funimation is currently working on it!

New hit mobile game Flappy Bird said to have a CGI movie coming out this year

The latest of mobile gaming has hit the shelves, and nabbed the #1 spot for most popular free games on iTunes.

Some like it and some hate it, but there’s no denying that this game is ridiculously hard. We interviewed residents of Moscow on their thoughts on the game.

“Flappy Bird fun game. My kids love to play. I can not go 5. My son is very good, though, he got 36. He loves the game.” said the first civilian we found.

The second shared their thoughts as well. “I hate Flappy bird. It’s very funny bad game! I do not like it much. Why does everyone love it so much? I really hate Flappy Bird. I want to spit on the creator. His game Flappy bird so bad. He is dumb.”

The game has gotten increasingly popular as days go by, and the creator of the hit game wants to cash in on his big game and make a CGI movie. He says to expect it this year, animated and published by DreamWorks, known for making big animated titles for the world to see.

What do you think about the game, and the movie that will be paired with it? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Citizens still angered over the removal of Shrek from Steam

Angry American citizens are still stomping and raging on the streets over the video game Shrek: Forever After being removed from Steam.

Those who have bought stocks in the Shrek market are very upset over this turn of events. More than billions of dollars have been lost following the removal of the game. Investors advise not making the mistake they did, and to stay away from games that are currently on the Steam library.

With Shrek megafans grabbing up all available Shrek merchandise still available on store shelves, the original Collectors Edition of Shrek on VHS has skyrocketed in value, with Mom and Pop stores scurrying to create handmade Shrek costumes in time for this Halloween.

One hardcore fan wrote “I just can’t believe Gabe would do an evil and selfish thing like this” he says angrily. “You can’t just take the best series of a beloved franchise off of the market. It’s literally a felony.”

Rumors of a major fast food chain producing Shrek style french fries have not been able to be verified.

BootWack will cover more on this story as new events transpire.

Nintendo’s Mario to be discontinued in favor of a new mascot

Mario’s mascot has had a great run over the years, but are consumers getting too tired of the repetitive and predictive nature of his games?

According to the Nintendo of America CEO, Reggie, Mario has not been selling to expectations recently and his sales have been declining since Super Mario Galaxy 2. The team behind the games blame this on the Wii U’s poor marketing, with many thinking that it is simply an add-on to the Wii.

While being interviewed, some consumers say that they don’t understand why they should get a new Mario game when it’s almost exactly the same as the most recent one.

Nintendo says that Mario will be retired sometime in March 2014, and replace him with a new mascot; Silly Squirrel.

His games will primarily consist of platform games similar to the Mario franchise, but will have a lot more variety. Many Nintendo fans sigh a sigh of relief to finally have a new mascot.

“We’re looking to appease to a younger audience with our new mascot, Silly Squirrel.” says Reggie. “We will see to it that Silly Squirrel will bring attention to the Wii U and please gamers around the globe.”

Upcoming games featuring Mario games that have been announced will still be released, but we should not expect any further Mario games.